NMANA Recognition Awards


Congratulations to 2021 CRNA Recognition Award Winners! 






CRNA Practice Recognition Awards

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Deadline has passed! Check back in Summer 2022! 

The purpose of this annual event is to acknowledge and honor CRNAs in New Mexico who have demonstrated outstanding clinical skills, leadership, patient advocacy, and promotion of excellence in the nurse anesthesia profession.

Winners in each category will be acknowledged at the state conference and then acknowledged again in their local papers and other publications to let the public know who their exceptional anesthesia providers are in their community.

We are enthusiastic and ready to let the “Land of Enchantment” know who we are!


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Award Categories

The following are the categories you may nominate CRNAs for:


CRNA Rural Practice Award

This award recognizes a CRNA who actively practices in rural NM, making a difference in a community’s safety inpatient care and promoting access to health care. Rural communities are defined by Eligibility of Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit Program.

New Mexico Department of Health:  https://nmhealth.org/about/phd/hsb/oprh/rhcptc/


CRNA Exemplary Leadership Award

This award recognizes a CRNA who promotes the CRNA profession in areas such as management, political activity, or public relations in NM.


CRNA Military Service Recognition Award

This award recognizes a NM CRNA who is a current or former service member of any military branch for their service to our country.


Excellence in Obstetrical Anesthesia Care

This award recognizes a CRNA who stands out in excellence in providing women’s healthcare in NM.


Distinguished CRNA of the Year

This award recognizes a CRNA who provides excellence in care, has made a difference in anesthesia safety and practice either locally or statewide, or has been a political activist for patient care locally or statewide, and has gone “above and beyond” in care of NM residents.


Lifetime Achievement Award

This is a retired or post-humous award to recognize NM CRNAs who gave their time to serving NM residents in the past, paving the way for future CRNAs to practice. The CRNA must have practiced in NM for 15 years during their career. This award will accept up to three winning CRNAs each year.


Exceptional Patient Care Award

This award is a patient-nominated award for a CRNA providing exceptional care. There is no fee to nominate a CRNA for this award.


Nomination Fee

$75.00 paid to  NMANA Practice Recognition Awards - PAY FEE HERE


Check back in Summer 2022! 

Nomination Requirements

  • A candidate must be resident of New Mexico and practicing primarily in New Mexico.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award does not require current residency in NM.
  • Anyone can nominate a CRNA (patients, family members, colleagues, supervisors, organizations). The Exceptional Patient Care Award must be nominated by a patient or family member of the patient on behalf of the patient.
  • Nominee and nominator are encouraged work together to complete the nomination form for accuracy.
  • Nominees must not be subject to any notification, limitation/restriction to practice, under investigation, disciplinary process or undergoing performance management.
  • Nominee must provide a professional reference.


Selection Process        

A selection committee will be appointed consisting of CRNAs and other designees as reviewers and scorers of the nominations. A scoring key will be used to assign points to each category. Points will be awarded for quality of care, community and professional development, leadership qualities, educational development, and CRNA advocacy. Be sure to include all of your nominee’s outstanding qualities in your letter. The committee will determine the winners based on category points. Nominators and nominees names will be blinded to ensure impartiality.  After the selection process has been completed, the names of the nominees will be revealed. The winners of the awards will not be announced until the time of the awards presentations.


Tell us about your nominee! Nominations can be submitted to the selection committee 


Potential information to include in letter:


In a brief letter, describe how the nominee goes “above and beyond” in the CRNA category in which you are nominating him/her for. The letter must not be longer than two pages, double spaced, size 12 font. In addition to your own story, include the following if applicable:


  1. Describe how the nominee demonstrates excellent standard of practice and professional performance in anesthesia (such as commitment to safe and high quality care by implementing a quality improvement project, or advocating politically for patient safety standards.)
  2. Describe how the nominee has participated in community/professional organization advocacy.
  3. Describe how the nominee demonstrates leadership qualities (which include acting as a role model and advocate) in the workplace, the profession, and community.
  4. Describe how the nominee demonstrates an active role in the educational development of self, colleagues, and the community.
  5. Describe how the nominee has contributed to the advancement of the CRNA profession in NM.

Be sure to include in your letter why this nominee is deserving of the award you are nominating for, two-page maximum, double spaced. After the first two pages, the letter contents will not be included in scoring criteria.


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