NMANA Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 CRNA Recognition Award Winners

Excellence in Obstetrical Anesthesia Care

Angela Frietze

Military Service Recognition

Patricia Finley

Excellence in Rural Anesthesia Care

Ian Bicol

Exemplary Leadership

Jackie Kaiser

Distinguished CRNA of the Year

Polly Zelaya

Legendary NM CRNA

Sharon Gray, Hank Beckerhoff, and Bonnie Hawley


The Awards

We are excited to announce NMANA will be honoring NM CRNAs at the annual conference with awards in several areas. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge each other and let the public know who is delivering their anesthesia, and how their local CRNAs are excelling in our practice.

We are enthusiastic and ready to let the “Land of Enchantment” know who we are!

Please nominate your colleagues to support NMANAs efforts in recognizing each other and increasing public awareness in our great state! Grab your favorite coworker and nominate each other! It is a great cause! It’s not a secret, let each other know you are nominating and give us the stories that reflect your best practice! We will present the awards during our September state meeting. We have made the nomination process as easy as possible, taking only 30 minutes of your time.

A colleague, friend, patient, or family member may submit the nominations. All NMANA CRNAs are eligible. If a committee member is nominated for a category, he/she may not sit in on the judging of that category. A CRNA is eligible to win in one category each year.

The following are the categories you may nominate CRNAs for:

CRNA Rural Practice Award

This award recognizes a CRNA who actively practices in rural NM, making a difference in a community’s safety inpatient care and promoting access to health care. Rural communities are defined by Eligibility of Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit Program.

New Mexico Department of Health:  https://nmhealth.org/about/phd/hsb/oprh/rhcptc/

CRNA Exemplary Leadership Award

This award recognizes a CRNA who promotes the CRNA profession in areas such as management, political activity, or public relations in NM.

Excellence in Obstetrical Anesthesia Care

This award recognizes a CRNA who stands out in excellence in providing women’s healthcare in NM.

Distinguished CRNA of the Year

This award recognizes a CRNA who provides excellence in care, has made a difference in anesthesia safety and practice either locally or statewide, or has been a political activist for patient care locally or statewide, and has gone “above and beyond” in care of NM residents.

CRNA Military Service Recognition Award

This award recognizes an NM CRNA who is a current or former service member of any military branch for their service to our country.

Legendary CRNA Award

This is a retired or post-humous award to recognize NM CRNAs who gave their time to serving NM residents in the past, paving the way for future CRNAs to practice. This award will accept up to three winning CRNAs this year. The Legendary CRNA Award does not require verification of NMANA membership for a posthumous nomination.

Submitting a Nomination


Check back next year for information about the 2020 awards.